Saturday, May 11, 2013

Customization rule in SailPoint IIQ

Customization rules in applications can do a lot, and a lot of customization rule thing can be done in build map rule also. The disadvantage of using build map in case of .csv file is, that if there are multiple records for a single user in more than one line, then build map will execute the rule for each and every line (pretty time consuming, if large number of records).
Now the questions is what we can do in a customization rule, well you can modify any resource object created. "Resource Object" this word is quite used everywhere in SailPoint, and not even in SailPoint in lot of other tools same terminology is used. "Resource Object" is actually the complete user/account created after aggregation with all the attributes in schema. So if there are attributes in schema which you need to populate based on some attributes of user, or you want to set the account flags (privileged,service account etc.) , then customization rule is the best choice to write your logic.
Now do we have any disadvantages or limitations in customization rule? I don't think there any limitations to the customization rule, whatever api arguments are available in customization rule are sufficient to query a lot out of SailPoint and update the values as required.

Sample customization rule
its pretty simple

query anything using the context
use object.get() and object.put() to update the resource object 

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