Friday, April 26, 2013

Multiplex application in SailPoint IIQ

Multiplex applications can be used when there are many application which are in same format. Having all the application data in single delimited file, can really expedite the process of on-boarding the applications in SailPoint.

In this post I will describe steps to create multiplex application from a delimited file.

1. Prepare a delimited file with a column which contains appname.

For example


//here ID is the correlation key for authoritative application, appname is the name of the application which will created, ent is the user's entitlement on the application and account is the account name of the user.

2. Create a delimited file type connector in SailPoint.

3. In the build map rule of the connector, we will define a rule to set new application name and unique account names

import sailpoint.connector.DelimitedFileConnector;

Map map = DelimitedFileConnector.defaultBuildMap(cols,record);
String appname = (String)map.get("appname");
String account = (String)map.get("account");
//This will create new apps Multiplex1 and Multiplex2


//This will identify the accout names in multiplex applications
return map;

4. Create the aggregation task, and check the check box "Automatically create applications".

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