Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two instance of tomcat

Yes, you may need to run two separate instance of tomcat in same machine if you have limited memory in your system and you have to work on big applications.
It is very simple :-
1. Download tomcat 6.0 .
2. Install the first with default settings.
3. Start the instance and verify if it is installed and working.
4. Execute the installer again with custom settings
5. In the configuration options page change the ports mentioned to
 Server shutdown port 8006
Http connector  port 9090
AJP connector port 8008
and change the service name to :- tomcat62
6. In the installation path change the tomcat directory name to tomcat62.
7. Install and verify.
Hopefully both instance should work


  1. I am trying to create a rule for migrating a datafile from localhost to DevServer so that it will reduce time consumption and help restricted access to dev server, is there any predefined way or code for it, could you help me with this??

  2. you can use FTP to transfer the files, to make it safe you can encrypt the file