Wednesday, August 26, 2009

VMware.. copying file and using internet

VMware - A very important software for using your server or web or app server images on your desktop. Ok i am not here to talk about what VMware is. Just want to write some tips for using VMware.
VMware confuses a lot with its three similar products 1)VMware server 2)VMware workstation 3)VMware player
So if you want to use the image in your laptop to learn some products or some language the best option is VMware player. Don't go for VMware server or workstation .
Go to this link if you want details
the main difference is VMware player is free and other two are not... :).
To copy using VMware player in version (2.5.3 I am using this version) no need to select any connections types available. Simply drag and drop the contents.
If you want to share the folder connect using the Host Only option(you will find this option in bottom right hand corner with a lan icon) .VMware connects using ethernet LAN adapter.Just type ipconfig and then share a folder and open it in you host machine using \\\folder name.
Very simple isnt't. Solves all your purpose.
Connecting to internet -Just check the IP address ,subnet mask and default gateway value and set it in you host image. Your internet will start working on the image. But your host will not be able to use internet then. Only one at a time.

P.S - For creating images use VMware converter.

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